The most obvious question all candidates should answer today is WHY? WHY do you seek to be an officer in our Union? Here are my answers:

I have been an effective voice as a leader of our Academic Senate. As all of you know, the Academic Senate is just one part of our Contract. I believe I can be an even greater advocate if I have the opportunity to advocate for our entire contract and the membership it cares for.

I’ve been outspoken (always in a respectful professional manner) at BOT meetings. I believe in the old Quaker saying of speaking truth to power. BOT members know and respect me. A most recent example of this (which occurred this past Winter Break (Dec./Jan.) is my request for the BOT to release draft policies before their first reading so that the college community has an opportunity for meaningful comments.

Dr. Keen knows and respects my opinion as well.

Recognition of my leadership skills have led to me to be appointed as the NCC representative to the SUNY Faculty Council of Community Colleges and the Governor’s Long Island Regional Community College Council. In these roles, I have earned the respectful influence of Alex Cartwright, the SUNY Provost and Johanna Duncan-Poitier is the Senior Vice Chancellor for Community Colleges.

Many of you may not be aware that I was a Union rep at my pervious Institution William Paterson University. Also for more than ½ a decade, I was an Executive Director of a Legislative Commission where I negotiated legislation and also served as an expert witness for several legal procedures. I also helped create the Pine Barrens Preserve.

I decided to run at this time due to the three year NCCFT term cycle open only this year and the recent productive negotiations with President Keen that will likely resolve the shared governance issues. I would like to now devote my leadership experience towards the NCCFT since it provides legally binding policies of our working conditions.

What I’m committed to and would like to work on if elected:

· Restore the faculty lines that were promised when the mass retirements took place and you want these new people to reflect the diverse population of our school

· Continue our level of health insurance at no cost to our membership

· Continue to work with administration on Middle States by ensuring that they adhere to all the terms of our contract

· Faculty will continue to play a proportionate role in collaborative decision-making with regard to curriculum and all academically related policies

· Parity for LINCC members

· Salary increase parity with other Community Colleges SCCC 2%

· Revenue positive tuition reimbursement

· Effective professional development support – $1,500 for travel to conferences

· Promote improved understanding between units of NCCFT


o Teaching Faculty

o Non-Classroom Faculty


· Clarify class size issue – compensation for overloads

· Safeguard 15 hours (12 for English) credit load for teaching faculty

· Equity of all members

· Chairpersons should have a minimum reassigned time considering all that has fallen on their laps. Also FTE’s for Chairpersons’ compensation should be counted based on pre-Ostling numbers. As well as student ratio.